After N.E.T.

The spinal adjustment

Stabilizes the subluxations, as well as resolving muscle and meridian imbalances. The underlying negative emotion now loses its impact and is less likely to be restimulated. When a N.E.C. is eliminated, the nervous system can work better. It is important to realize that spinal adjustments don´t make life´s problems go away. However, a person with a strong nervous system can usually deal with life´s problems more effectively.

When do N.E.C.s need to be adjusted?

The doctor observes and corrects each of these factors (including N.E.C.s) as they surface. Thus, your return to health is actually a "peeling" process, in harmony with the timing of the body´s own healing wisdom.

Is N.E.T treatment safe?

Yes. Qualified doctors correct an N.E.C. with a safe and gentle adjustment of the spine. The entire procedure is not unpleasant, and often patients express immediate relief following the spinal adjustment. Now that the emotional side of the triangle of health has been strengthened, the patient can make enhanced gains in structural and biochemical health.

Please note: N.E.T. treatment is not a substitute for psychological or psychiatric therapy. Patients who show a possible need for psychotherapy are referred to psychological or psychiatric professionals for evaluation and/or treatment. The correction of an N.E.C. is a physiological phenomenon accomplished by doctors qualified to adjust the spine.